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IonFire.Basic is a free application for getting you started with the Merlin firing systems.  It also allows you to get information about the modules and configure them.

Once the software has detected your devices on the network you can then use the simple push button interface to fire cues on specific modules or all modules.  This allows you to fire simple shows quickly and effectively.
IonFire.Basic main screen
IonFire.Basic main screen
IonFire.Basic Merlin Fire III management
IonFire.Basic Merlin Fire III management
  • Scan network for devices
  • Manage network addresses
  • Calibrate MFIII
  • Check serial numbers
  • Fire cues on all modules or individual modules
IonFire.Basic is free to use!
Compatible hardware
  • Merlin Match SE
  • Merlin Match SE mk2
  • Merlin Match RS485
  • Merlin Fire III
  • Merlin Fire III Interface
  • Pyrodlite Merlock mk1
  • Pyrodlite Merlock mk2
Please visit the IonFire Suite download page and register.  Once you have completed the registration process and confirmed your email address you will be forwarded to the download page.
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