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IonFire.FinaleFirer was written specificaly for the pro-sumer market who wanted to be able to design their shows using Finale Fireworks but also to be able to fire them on the Merlin firing hardware.

IonFire.FinaleFirer is a cut down version of the brilliant IonFire.Music utilising the same underlying engine but with a different user interface.

Please note this software is only availible to individuals, for corporate customers please look at IonFire.Music
Finale Fireworks
When designing a show in Finale Fireworks you need to ensure you design the show with one module at each location.  Also you need to ensure you don't fire one particular cue more than once on each device. 

One thing to watch is that Finale Fireworks has its own Pre-Fire-Delays pre-programmed into their products.  Sometimes these wont be right for the products you are using.  For example some ground effects have a 0.3s Pre-Fire-Delay which will cause them to fire late.

You can purchase Finale Fireworks by following the link below:

IonFire.FinaleFirer import screen
IonFire.FinaleFirer import screen
IonFire.FinaleFirer module control screen
IonFire.FinaleFirer module control screen
IonFire.FinaleFirer music playback and firing screen
IonFire.FinaleFirer music playback and firing screen
  • Imports Finale Pro CSV files
  • Allows hardware configuration
  • Validates show design
  • Uploads show to hardware
  • Splitting of shows for multi track pausing
  • Advanced playback screen
  • Fade in/out options
  • Music visualisations
IonFire.FinaleFirer is licenced per device you intend to upload programs to.  The system uses the devices serial number to check for a valid licence on your system as you upload the sequences.

Qty    Price per licence
 1 £45.00
 2 £42.30
 3 £39.76
 4 £37.38
 5 £35.13
 6 £33.03
 7 £31.04
All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT
Licences include 1 years worth of software updates and email only support.

** You will ALSO need a licence of Finale Fireworks **

Please contact us for more details on licencing.
Compatible Hardware
  • Merlin Match SE
  • Merlin Match RS485
  • Merlin Fire III
  • Merlin Fire III Interface
Please visit the IonFire Suite download page and register.  Once you have completed the registration process and confirmed your email address you will be forwarded to the download page.
Click here to download
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