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IonFire.Standalone is specificaly written for the Merlin Match/Merlin Match SE modules from Merlin Electronic Ltd.  This software contains a host of features that overcome the limitations in the software supplied as standard with the Merlin systems.

The IonFire.Standalone software allows you to build up a library of programs that you can reuse in any combination whenever you like.  With fast sequence creation thanks to our step generator you can now create linear and accelarating sequences at a touch of a button.


Merlin Match


Merlin Match SE


Program library
Program library
Creating a sequence
Creating a sequence
Creating an accelarating sequence
Creating an accelarating sequence
Program display
Program display
Preview new sequence
Preview new sequence
Selecting programs to upload
Selecting programs to upload
  • Create a library of programs
  • Step generator for linear sequences
  • Step generator for accelarating sequences
  • Preloaded with sequences ready to use
  • Select any three programs from library to upload
IonFire.Standalone is licenced per device you intend to upload programs to.  The system uses the devices serial number to check for a valid licence on your system as you upload the sequences.
Qty    Price per licence
 1 £50.00
 2 £47.00
 3 £44.18
 4 £41.53
 5 £39.04
 6 £36.70
 7 £34.49
All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT
Licences include 1 years worth of software updates and email only support.
Please contact us for more details on licencing.
Compatible Hardware
  • Merlin Match
  • Merlin Match SE
  • Merlin Match RS485
Please visit the IonFire Suite download page and register.  Once you have completed the registration process and confirmed your email address you will be forwarded to the download page.
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